5/25/2019: We are updating our calendar with upcoming events. Please check back soon for the newest information!

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of our participants in an inclusive, barrier-free environment. We are continuously evaluating our programs to improve the quality and to explore new ideas. We are excited to announce the expansion of services to include our Unified Swimming Program, starting in February 2014.


Arts & Crafts

There is a little Rembrant that lives in everyone...a need to express feelings and concepts that we often lack the words to properly convey. We all need an outlet for our expressive side and the Dream Program Arts & Crafts program provides exactly that an opportunity for self expression.


Ahhh one of the few sports that often comes with the most essential piece of athletic equipment ever invented....air conditioning.  Two teams, two baskets, one ball and a whole bunch of fun.  Come on out and cheer for us or even better, throw on some shorts, pull those socks up to your knees and come and join the fun!


It looks so easy when you see someone else doing it. Seriously, how hard can it be to roll a ball 62 feet down a lane and knock down 10 measly little pins. Well, come on out and show us how it's done!  Just bring yourself...the fun and laughter are provided free of charge.

Canoeing (Outdoor Adventure)

When the Gulf of Mexico is reaching bathwater temperatures, the Red Creek is cool and inviting. Join the Dream Programs Outdoor Adventure Expedition and cast off on the trip of a lifetime! We will take 10 canoes of intrepid pioneers and explore the "wilds" of the Red Creek in Vestry Mississippi. What are we searching for? Adventure!!


The only thing missing from our Softball, Football and Basketball programs are people with the same dedication (and willingness to have fun) out there to cheer us on. We provide the equipment AND the cheers...so what are you waiting for?

Flag Football

Football! Football! Football! Is there a better sport in the entire world? Our unified program welcomes all boys and girls, ages 10 and up, so if you've got what it takes to rock the gridiron, come on down to Freedom Field and bring your game face!


 Mrs. Lauren Watson has agreed to conduct a music class on a weekly basis every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the New Beginnings Church in Escatawpa, MS.


A favorite summer past-time, Softball allows our players to develop critical team skills in the outfield and show off the Babe Ruth like prowess when it's your turn at bat. Dig that glove up out of the closet and come on out to Gay Lemon field!


There are few sports that allow us the opportunity to develop so many skills at once. Swimming builds strength, endurance and corrdination simultaneously while learning critical life skills that are the backbone of a life lived on the Gulf Coast. We hope to see you there!