2/17/2018: We are updating our calendar with upcoming events. Please check back soon for the newest information!


What's Happening at the Dream Program

There is always something happening at the Dream Program and we invite you come join us!

Our programs are custom designed to meet the needs of our participants, and enhance the lives of people with and without disabilities. Most importantly, we have a great time!

MARCH 2017

07Unified Basketball - Week 9

6:15pm Thunder vs Hawks, Bye=Wildcats

07Unified Basketball - Week 9

7:15pm Mavericks vs Pelicans, Bye=Warriors

09Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Starts March 9, 9 – 11AM with Krystin and Jason, Romeo and Joe

09Aktion Club

With Ms. JK and Ms. Dawne at 11AM at the Library in Pascagoula on Pascagoula St

09Music Class

With Ms. Lauren - March 9th at 4PM at New Beginnings Church in Escatawpa

14Unified Basketball - Week 10

6:15pm Wildcats vs Hawks, Bye=Thunder

14Unified Basketball - Week 10

7:15pm Pelicans vs Mavericks, Bye= Warriors

15Special Olympics Adult Bowling

Area 12 Special Olympics Adult Bowling is March 15th at 3:15 PM at Gautier

15Tennis for Fun!

starts March 15th 5 – 6 PM on Halstead Road with Coach Lisa

18Beautiful Me

March 18th “Beautiful Me” pageant sponsored by Ms Special Needs Organization - Woolmarket Community Center

21Unified Basketball - Week 11

6:15pm Wildcats vs Hawks, Bye=Thunder

21Unified Basketball - Week 11

7:15pm Warriors vs Mavericks, Bye=Pelicans

28Unified Basketball - Final Game

30Final Art Class

with Ms. Page

31Special Olympics Swim Meet

9-noon at YMCA Ocean Springs

APRIL 2017

11Opening Ceremonies Softball

Opening Ceremonies for Softball April 11th (No games tonight) REGISTER EARLY, don’t wait!

18First Softball Game

6pm at Gay Lemon Field in Ocean Springs.

2112th Annual Silent Auction

12th Annual Silent Auction

2212th Annual Golf Tournament

12th Golf Tournament

MAY 2017

Stay Tuned! More events will be posted soon.