5/25/2019: We are updating our calendar with upcoming events. Please check back soon for the newest information!


The Dream Program’s mission is to provide inclusive leisure, social and recreational experiences for individuals of varying abilities to improve their quality of life, increase independence, and provide opportunity to discover his or her own potential.

To accomplish this mission, the Dream Program focuses on 5 core objectives:

  • Improvements in the leisure skills of people with varying abilities.
  • Inclusive experiences that promote camaraderie between people with and without disabilities.
  • To bring awareness to the community about inclusion of persons with varying abilities.
  • To advocate for the rights of individuals with varying abilities in our community.
  • New experiences and opportunities to choose preferred events and activities.
























The Dream Program was founded for the sole purpose to serve and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities residing across the Gulf Coast of MS and surrounding areas. The Dream Program is inclusive, and available to ALL individuals, with and without disabilities. Currently, there are 9 recreational program offerings and all are FREE of charge to the participants. As the program enters into it’s 8th year of operation, the success and valuable impact in our community has been astounding.


The Dream Program Founders, Troy and Lindsay Trigg, grew up on the MS Gulf Coast and are both graduates of the University of Southern Mississippi. Troy became involved in working with individuals with disabilities during his college years, working as a counselor for a camp serving those with special needs. This path lead Troy to pursue a degree in Recreational Therapy, where he completed his internship with the EXPAND program in Boulder, CO. After college, Troy continued volunteering with the EXPAND program for the next 8 years. Along side of Troy, his wife Lindsay also volunteered her time with the EXPAND program, as Lindsay continued on to receive her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.


Upon returning back to the MS Gulf Coast region in 2004, Troy and Lindsay were surprised to find very limited services available for the special needs population, which fueled their passion and desire to start the Dream Program. With many hours of hard work and dedication, their dream became a reality for the couple in 2006. Since the start of the Dream Program, thousands of athletes with and without disabilities have participated in organized quality programming. Without the Dream Program, many of these athletes would never have been provided this opportunity.


In addition to the 9 scheduled programs, the Dream Program also hosts award banquets, dances, and recently a trip to New Orleans to attend a Saints Game. The Annual Golf tournament fundraiser is also an opportunity for the athletes to play in the tournament, while raising funds to support the program.


The Dream Program is a volunteer-driven organization, and relies heavily on our community partners, athletes, parents, volunteers and donors to make the program successful. We are always seeking volunteers to assist with: Volunteer Coaching, Volunteer Participants and to assist with our Special Events. We are supported strictly by donations and fundraising, so please spread the word to anyone who may be able to help! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, or if you are interested in becoming involved with this amazing organization. -- Troy and Lindsay Trigg (Founders and Directors)



  • South MS Heros 2008 WLOX
  • Arc of MS Recreation Award 2008
  • City of Ocean Springs recognized the Dream Program as an outstanding City program in 2008
  • Phenomenal People Award -Phenomenal Youth Organization- 2010
  • Anchor Award Nominee from Jackson County Chamber of Commerce